Debank - Web3 Social Ranking rules

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Debank - Web3 Social Ranking rules

Web3 Social Ranking rules

What is Web3 Social Ranking?

Web3 Social Ranking is a ranking list developed by DeBank. It evaluates on-chain addresses based on their social influence within the Web3 ecosystem. It ranks addresses based on their previous on-chain behaviors. Each address will have a score that determines its final ranking.

How does it rank?

Each address will be evaluated with a “Social Score” which is composed by two parts: “Basic Score” and “Weighted Score”.

Debank - Web3 Social Ranking rules

Basic Score + Weighted Score = Social Score

Step 1: Computation of the “Basic Score”

“Basic Score” factors: ETH balance, Effective DeBank followers(A valid "Follower" must have at least $1000 balance), Ethereum NFT (collection amount, NFT amount,, DeFi (participated protocols(balance>1000$), participated amount,, address age, Profile integrity (only count for DeBank supported NFT & DeFi protocols)

User scope: Any user that meets any of the below requirements will be evaulated with a score: participate in at least one DeFi protocol / have at least one NFT / have at least 1 “Following or Follower” on DeBank / binded with at least one social medium account on DeBank

“Basic Score”: It’s composed by multiple sub scores per “score criteria”.

Score criteria for the “Basic Score”

Debank - Web3 Social Ranking rules

Step2: Computation of the “Social Score”

Weighted Score: In addition to the “Basic Score”, “Weighted Score” is also an important component that affects a user’s ranking. It represents a user’s social influence; If two users have the same “Basic Score”. The higher weighted score one has, the higher he ranks.

User ranking: “Basic Score” and “Weighted Score” are added up as the final “Social Score” (100 points). All users are ranked by the “Social Score”.

Displayed users: Only the top 100K users on the "Web3 Social Ranking" will be displayed

Example table for the “Social Score” calculation

Debank - Web3 Social Ranking rules



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